Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Y’all!! I’m starting a new series today.. I think you can guess what I’m calling it. Yup, Friday Favorites. These are the things i’m loving through out the week. I’m pretty obsessed with a few of them!SHOP ITEMS 


Telescopic Mascara

After I had Grahm I was on a mission to find the best mascara. I tried soooo many different kinds. They either weren’t voluminous enough or didn’t give me enough length. This one, oh man! This one is perfect!! I’ve even had a few people ask me if my eye lashes were fake!!!!! uhm.. okay. I think i’ll keep using this mascara.

Born This Way Foundation

I have used this foundation for years. I honestly love it so much. My skin is really dry and Born this way foundation makes my face feel moisturized. Which is hard to do! (Thanks alot breastfeeding)

NYX Butter Gloss

I usually hate putting gloss on my lips but there’s something about NYX’s butter gloss that I just can’t get enough of. I’m hooked and definitely recommend this to anyone wanting a good affordable lip gloss.

Tarte Eye Palate

The colors on this palate are so simple and easy for someone who’s not so great with eye shadow. (I’ve really had to do my research when it comes to applying eye shadow) All the colors are matte and it’s definitely what this beginner right here needed.

Adidas Tank

I recently purchased this tank on a whim. Wasn’t sure If I liked it.. but thought it was a neutral color and will go will anything, why not. Guys! I love this tank and will be purchasing more soon. The fit is so perfect and flattering, unlike most sleeveless workout tanks.

The Aerie Joggers/Leggings

OMG! I’m obsessed with these. I literally live in them. I’m wearing them at this exact moment. If you are a postpartum momma you NEED these. They hold everything in and they’re flattering. Wear them out with a cute top and jean jacket and also sleep in them. They’re perfect.. i’m not kidding.


So that’s my Friday Favorites. Hope you enjoyed it! Let me know in the comments if you have used any of these products or own any of the clothes.



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