VIICode Eye Mask

I have been compensated by VIICODE for this post but, all thoughts, opinions and Designs are my own.

I’ve struggled with dark circles my entire life and now that I’m less than 2 years away from turning 30, taking care of my skin has become a priority of mine. So When VIICODE contacted me to collaborate, you know I was up for giving this a try and I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised.

*Pro Tip: wear a sleeping mask to prevent the eye gels from coming off at night while you sleep.



Here are some of my thoughts about the VII Code O2M oxygen eye masks:

  1. My first initial thoughts when putting the product on is it has a really nice cooling feeling. I can imagine after a rough night of being up with the baby or out with the girls it would be a great product to use.
  2. I noticed it tightens up my circles. Which I  L O V E!! It also brightens things up underneath my eyes.
  3. I love that its a simple process. You just throw on the eye gels after you cleanse your face and go to sleep (wear them for no longer than 8 hours). Then when you wake up you’re done.
  4. I like that I look like I’ve had an amazing night of rest after I use this product.



I definitely think that if you struggle with dark under eyes and have a special occasion like your wedding or a big work event where you’re going to see a lot of faces these would be a great thing to use on the night before.


Overall I love these oxygen eye masks and I will definitely be using them again!

click here for my “amazon favorites”

youtube video where You can see how I use the product.


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