Old Navy Haul + Fall Fashion

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I’m excited about this old navy haul they really have some cute things right now.


Burnt Orange Sweater  + Leggings + Booties + Michael Kors Purse


Leopard Joggers + Slippers 


Light Wash Overalls   + Long sleeve V-neck shirt + Snake skin Mules


Cardigans + Mom Shorts + Amazon Belt

Good Times Pullover + Leopard Shoes + Leggings 

Leopard V-neck Shirt


Newer version of my swing dress

5 Ways To Style Overalls This Fall

It took a while for me to start loving overalls but once I finally gave them a chance, I was HOOKED! I Love how comfy and simple they are. So here are a few ways I’m styling my overalls this fall.


Halloween Inspired Look: I love how well this burnt orange goes with browns and blacks. This outfit right here is one of my favorite ways to style overalls. Such a fun style around Halloween.

Click to shop:  Black Overalls + Burnt Orange Cardigan + Stripped Shirt + Booties



The Trendy Leopard Look:  This is another fun trend, Leopard Print! Enough said, right! So comfy and cute.

Click to shop:  Black Overalls + Leopard Sweater + Converse



The Comfy Mom Look:  This is an outfit I would wear everyday if I could. Super comfortable especially when you need to go run after your little ones.

Click to Shop:  Overalls + White Long sleeve Shirt + Snake Mules + Black Backpack



The Lumber Jack Look:  It isn’t fall until you whip out the flannel. So naturally this had to make the cute.

Click to Shop:  Overalls + Flannel + Booties + Long sleeve Shirt



The Trendy Casual Look:  I absolutely LOVE this leopard shirt so I had to figure out a way to style it with overalls. It wasn’t toooo difficult since I consider leopard a neutral.

Click to Shop: Black Overalls + Cardigan + Leopard Shirt + Converse


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which look was your favorite. 

VIICode Eye Mask

I have been compensated by VIICODE for this post but, all thoughts, opinions and Designs are my own.

I’ve struggled with dark circles my entire life and now that I’m less than 2 years away from turning 30, taking care of my skin has become a priority of mine. So When VIICODE contacted me to collaborate, you know I was up for giving this a try and I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised.

*Pro Tip: wear a sleeping mask to prevent the eye gels from coming off at night while you sleep.



Here are some of my thoughts about the VII Code O2M oxygen eye masks:

  1. My first initial thoughts when putting the product on is it has a really nice cooling feeling. I can imagine after a rough night of being up with the baby or out with the girls it would be a great product to use.
  2. I noticed it tightens up my circles. Which I  L O V E!! It also brightens things up underneath my eyes.
  3. I love that its a simple process. You just throw on the eye gels after you cleanse your face and go to sleep (wear them for no longer than 8 hours). Then when you wake up you’re done.
  4. I like that I look like I’ve had an amazing night of rest after I use this product.



I definitely think that if you struggle with dark under eyes and have a special occasion like your wedding or a big work event where you’re going to see a lot of faces these would be a great thing to use on the night before.


Overall I love these oxygen eye masks and I will definitely be using them again!

click here for my “amazon favorites”

youtube video where You can see how I use the product.


August Top Sellers

This has been such a fun month of transitional fall finds + my obsession for leopard! Of course, I’m loving all of these items but this blog post is all of the top sellers YOU guys are loving!

Amazon Romper wearing a size small.

+ Snake mules, Bralette & Denim jacket.

The best amazon tank!!! Dress up or down.

+ Mom shorts & Steve Madden sandals

Comfy leopard sweater (wearing small)

+ Mom shorts , Converse and coffee cup

Sweater like tank (small)

+ best life tee

Leopard Cardigan

+Amazon tank, black jeans, & Nordstrom booties

Leopard overalls!

With Converse and a Black tank!

Amazon belt!

+ Mom shorts , Snake mules, and Lip tee.


Body con dress!

With favorite cardigan and Converse !

Leopard fall fashion finds

If you saw over On my instagram today, some of my friends and myself styled a few of our favorite leopard finds. I love a good leopard find! So I figure why not show you all the things I have found and love that are leopard!

I’m obsessed with this cardigan. It’s so cozy and going to be great for fall.

Leopard Cardigan (TTS)

I actually have this blanket. I’m always cozied up on the couch with it!

Leopard blanket

I’ve loved this overall find. It’s been perfect for summer! Super light weight and comfy.

Short Leopard overalls

I don’t have these, yet! Lol. But they are the same brand as my short overalls and I think they’ll be just as the ones I have!

Long leopard overalls

I found these on the Walmart website! It rains a lot where I live and I’m always on the look out for good affordable rain boots.

Leopard rain boots

I love this leopard sweater! I have it in a small. It’s not a long sweater.. more like a cropped or good with high waisted jeans!

Leopard sweater

Leopard pullover

I think this would look amazing with a leather jacket or a black cardigan. So ready for fall!

Leopard tank

Leopard booties

I’ve always thought leopard was a good neutral. You can piece it together with almost any outfit!

Did you find any leopard pieces that you’re loving here? Which was your favorite?


Finding good shorts when you’re a mom is hard y’all! You have to make sure they’re long enough so your bum doesn’t fall out when you’re picking up the little ones. All while they fit you in all the right areas and don’t forget about the high waste. It’s a must!

Well I think I found a few pair you’re going to love. Thanks for Watching YouTube video and make sure you leave in the comments what you want to see from me next!

American Eagle mom shorts

Shoptop mom shorts

Express mom shorts

Abercrombie shorts

Family lake day must haves

Every since we bought our boat we have been on the lake every weekend this summer. So.. naturally I’ve accumulated a lot of things that are definitely must haves!

What we pack for food: When packing lunches for the kids I keep it realllll simple. I have a friend that says she’s an amazon prime mom.. not a pintrest mom. That speaks to me on a deep level. So I buy the already made peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches that you buy in the freezer section, I cut up some fruit, grab some fruit pouches,  bring a bag of chips.. or oreos and call it a dayDrinks: Water, juice boxes + La croix for me! 

What items we pack:

pack a change of clothes for the kids and leave them in the car. If you bring them on the boat.. 9/10 times all the dry clothes are going to get weat. So just save yourself the heart ache a leave them in the car.

Sun Screen + insect repellent  Soooo important. I have a red headed son, enough said. We like to use Baby ganic. They even make the sunscreen you can just slide on their faces like a tube of chap stick. It’s amazing and makes life super simple with a 1 year old. We make it a game, he thinks i’m funny. Win-Win.

-HATS! preferably one that you kids cant take off (if they are little) I found one that is literally AMAZING. I’ll link it Here. Hats and my 8 year old don’t really work out but hey throw one in the bag just in case.

-Baby diapers AND regular diapers + wipes! My 1 year old loves to take a big deuce right before we get on the lake. It’s like clock work every time.

-Towel are important to my 8 year old. We all just usually air dry but he likes a towel when were driving back in.

-Floatys that your kids enjoy. For my 1 year old he wears his life jacket but also floats in a little baby floaty. Thats also easier for us adults too. My 8 year old son usually tries to take my floaty.. so yeah. Floaty for everyone!


Alright. That’s all I can think of at the moment. Comment down below what you MUST have when you go out to the lake OR the beach! 

Back to school

Can’t believed it’s almost time for our kids to go back to school. Are you ready for school to start or dreading it? I’m not ready to come to terms with the fact that I’ll have a 3rd grader!! I have about Three weeks to come to terms with this. So in the mean time here are all the goodies I found for back to school.

Fort night backpack

Boys backpack

Girls backpack

Girls trendy backpack

Letter board

Letter board

Supply organizer



Hydro flask

Storage containers

Preschooler backpack

Supply organizer

Tell me I’m not the only on dreading this year lol. Who’s ready for school and who’s dreading it?