Red Aspen, All the Things.

Welcome to the Blog!

Here’s All the things you need to know about Red Aspen. 


Our nails are super easy to apply and remove.

click here to see all the nails 


To apply:  1. Wash your hands

                   2. Buff your nails 

                   3. Push back your cuticles 

                   4. Apply the glue that’s included in the box 

                   5. Apply the nail at a 45 degree angle

                   6. Hold to your finger for about 30ish seconds  … Then you’re good to go!


To remove:  soak in warm soapy water for 10ish minutes                                                                   (I use a dental floss pic makes things wayyyy easier)


Our Mascara is my favorite! It gives you volume, length, doesn’t clump or flake. You can build and build without any issues.. even after hours of wearing (I’ve tried it!) + there is Castro oil infused in it to help your lashes grow over time. 

To become an Ambassador the cost is $80 + you get all the items in this picture here. 

You also get 25-35% commission on all your sales + earn tons of free product that you can sell for 100% profit or keep!  




We have sooo many lashes to choose from. 

The band on our lashes are a flexible cotten.  So they are very comfortable to wear. 




We have 11 different Lip kits to choose from

click here to order a LIP KIT


click here for our brown bundle 



Every month we have a fun bundle that comes out. This month is Red Aspens birthday! 

click here to order this bundle



Thanks for stopping by. 

Head over to my INSTAGRAM and shoot me a DM if you have any other questions. 

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