Family lake day must haves

Every since we bought our boat we have been on the lake every weekend this summer. So.. naturally I’ve accumulated a lot of things that are definitely must haves!

What we pack for food: When packing lunches for the kids I keep it realllll simple. I have a friend that says she’s an amazon prime mom.. not a pintrest mom. That speaks to me on a deep level. So I buy the already made peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches that you buy in the freezer section, I cut up some fruit, grab some fruit pouches,  bring a bag of chips.. or oreos and call it a dayDrinks: Water, juice boxes + La croix for me! 

What items we pack:

pack a change of clothes for the kids and leave them in the car. If you bring them on the boat.. 9/10 times all the dry clothes are going to get weat. So just save yourself the heart ache a leave them in the car.

Sun Screen + insect repellent  Soooo important. I have a red headed son, enough said. We like to use Baby ganic. They even make the sunscreen you can just slide on their faces like a tube of chap stick. It’s amazing and makes life super simple with a 1 year old. We make it a game, he thinks i’m funny. Win-Win.

-HATS! preferably one that you kids cant take off (if they are little) I found one that is literally AMAZING. I’ll link it Here. Hats and my 8 year old don’t really work out but hey throw one in the bag just in case.

-Baby diapers AND regular diapers + wipes! My 1 year old loves to take a big deuce right before we get on the lake. It’s like clock work every time.

-Towel are important to my 8 year old. We all just usually air dry but he likes a towel when were driving back in.

-Floatys that your kids enjoy. For my 1 year old he wears his life jacket but also floats in a little baby floaty. Thats also easier for us adults too. My 8 year old son usually tries to take my floaty.. so yeah. Floaty for everyone!


Alright. That’s all I can think of at the moment. Comment down below what you MUST have when you go out to the lake OR the beach! 

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