Drugstore must have Mascaras


Lets talk Mascara. For the past two years I have been on a mission to find the best AFFORDABLE mascara.

One that wont

  • flake and get in your eye
  • smear easily
  • that will actually LAST all day.
  • but also easy to remove

I have been searching for all the things and I have gone through many tubes!

So!  Without further ado here are my MUST HAVE MASCARAS!

Hands down Favorite Mascara that I will always grab for



This mascara gives me GREAT LENGTH and the applicator really combs your eyelashes and puts enough product on your lashes to really just give you that long eyelash look. I have found that the small the applicator comb is the more I like the mascara.

My next favorite is


I first grabbed this mascara bc the bottle is so cool. Then the applicator tool actually BENDS. How cool is that? PLUS. having a bent applicator really helps you apply your mascara.. oddly enough. This mascara also give me good length.. but I feel like where it really shines is the volume. It’s Good!




Now it’s your turns.

What’s your favorite mascara?

Share in the comments below!!


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